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After New York we headed up to Buffalo so that we could see Niagra Falls. We only spent two days in Buffalo, on one we visited the falls and on the other we went to see the Albright-Knox, a modern art museum in Buffalo.

On the first day we went to the Knox, it was another example of the amazing amount of high quality art that is in America. Even though Buffalo is a pretty small and not very touristy place the gallery had Picassos, Monets, a Pollock, a Close and more. We enjoyed the gallery and in the evening we went to a concert in the main square with some alright local bands playing.

The next day we went to the falls along with an Australian couple who were staying in our dorm at the Buffalo Hostel. The bus there is nice and cheap since it counts as a local one so we paid our $1.85 and clambered on. Once we made it to the falls we went up to the observation deck to get a look in perspective, they truly are an amazing sight. We then went on the Maid of the Mist a boat (well actually 4 boats) that run from both the Canadian and American sides of the falls. The boat takes you right up to the Canadian falls with the mist surrounding you and soaking you and the water churning underneath you.


We arrived in Boston late in the evening after a nightmare 15 hour journey from Buffalo that should have taken 4 hours less. We found our hostel and staggered up to our room only to find that it was swelteringly hot and that the pathetic little fan in there had been turned off by the other occupants. So we cursed them as we tossed and turned and attempted to sleep.

Luckily, although most people were out of town, the BAP came to the rescue. Randir, drunkenmonkey and jarsyl all met up with us at JP Licks and we wandered down Newbury St and then into the Prudential Centre before heading to a pretty decent Chinese restaurant for some lunch. After that we headed back to the hostel and dossed around for a while. In the evening we met up with randir again and boogied on down to this funky coffee shop, shot some pool, drank some coffee, just chilled, dudes. After that we took randir up on his offer of a floor to escape the heat of our hostel and kipped down there. After the refreshingly cool night at randir's we decided to change to the other Boston hostel, at Fenway, which had air conditioning, it also turned out that we ended up with a private room with ensuite.

The next morning we went off to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was pretty impressive and although a little pricy (luckily that super dude jarsyl had given us a voucher for one free entry to help us poor student types), we enjoyed the range of stuff on exhibition. It was the last museum we visited and we were certainly a little fatigued by this point, so maybe we did not marvel at the art as we had done in the National Gallery of Art of the Hirshorn but we still enjoyed it. That evening we went off to Comedy Connection for free with the hostel and I though everyone was pretty funny. The early intro guys had a tough time warming up the majority foreign crowd who either didn't get or didn't understand their jokes. Jim Lullela(sp?) was the main set and he did well, still having trouble witht he crowd. Cahla and others were back in town that evening and tried to find us but we didn't meet up, although we certainly appreciate the effort it will have to wait till I next come to invade you.

On our final day in Boston we went shopping and then flew home, glad to be returning to cold ole England. Thanks to all you Bostonians for your hospitality (or attempts to meet up with us), particularly randir. You've definitely got a guide for when you hit London.