Remember playing Final Fantasy Tactics, and praying for a sequel?
And for the truly hardcore, remember all the rumours circulating around for years that a Final Fantasy Tactics 2 was in the works?

With Squaresoft's exciting return to Nintendo, there is a whole lot of hype for upcoming Gameboy Advance cartridges. Rumours of ports of old SNES Final Fantasy games and previously unreleased-in-America NES games have been circulating all over the internet.

But one thing is for sure...
Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to GBA.

And it's not a port. I repeat, it's not a port. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a SEQUEL. Well, not a sequel exactly, so much as an entirely new title in itself. Like how no Final Fantasy game never carried its story to another one, neither does this.

Most of the same familiar elements from Final Fantasy Tactics will be in the game, such as the legendary Job System, and the popular and the popular tiled battlegrounds.

Yasumi Matsuno is the director of this game, renowned for his works on the very similiar Ogre Battle series. Matsuno and other OB employees at Quest were bought over by Squaresoft to work on this new FFT endeavour.

Few plot details have been released thus far, but we do know that the game centers around a character named "Marche" and his friends Mewt (Mute) and Rirz, who read a book of sorcery called "Final Fantasy" (get it?) and wishes that his world was like the one in his book. And, of course, that it becomes.

Update: According to
"Square has revealed the first information surrounding its Game Boy Advance sequel Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and in true Final Fantasy fashion, it looks as though the sequel has very little relation to its predecessor. Frighteningly, shades of Secret of Evermore manifest themselves here; FFTA will start out following the misadventures of two average schoolchildren who are sucked into a fantasy world from their mundane existence. The catalyst? A book named Final Fantasy, conveniently enough."

More details have been revealed that FFTA will feature a world building system not unlike Legend of Mana. Also, three new systems are being implemented into the game. The Judgement system influences combat, and details are sketchy at best. The Clan system will deal with tasks and errands you can perform for certain guilds. The Legion system is the LoM world building system.>/p>

FFTA is slated for a Winter 2002 release in Japan, which means it'll probably hit American shores in the summer of 2003. Brush up on all your PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics skills in the meantime, you can get that anywhere for about 10 bucks.

Last updated: September 22nd 2002