A common rite of passage for some of the particularly naughty freshmen at Carnegie Mellon University (just down the road from Pitt and the Cathedral of Learning) is to climb to the top of the Cathedral and urinate off the ledge. This traditional act of disrespect is consistent with the longstanding tension between CMU students and Pitt students: Pitt people generally hold CMU people to be arrogant assholes, and CMUers see Pitt students as quite stupid and silly.

Also, Carnegie Mellon students often refer to the Cathedral of Learning as the "Tower of Ignorance" or the "Height of Stupidity" in jest.

generic-man says: at CMU, I've heard it called the "Phallus of Ignorance" by some.

The Cathedral of Learning is one of the only non-CMU buildings in Pittsburgh which is visible from the main part of the CMU campus.