"The sea's name is inien, well and good. But what we call The Inmost Sea has its own name also in the Old Speech. Since no thing can have two true names, inien can only mean 'all the sea except the Inmost Sea'.  And of course it does not mean even that, for there are seas and bays and straits beyond counting that bear names of their own. So if some Mage-Seamaster were mad enough to try to lay a spell of storm or calm over the entire ocean, his spell must say not only that word inien, but the name of every stretch and bit and part of the sea through all the Archipelago and all the Outer Reaches and beyond to where all names cease."

- A Wizard of Earthsea, Ursula K. LeGuin

Many areas of the world ocean, smaller than the five oceans, have their own names.  I make no claims as to consistency of detail. Names are represented in English unless there is a well-known name that is not simply a translation, or if I feel that translating the name would have an awkward result. Of course, you are free to /msg me if you think I missed something important.

Inland Seas

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