The little sea just above the Bering Strait, by Alaska and Northeast Russia. Avg. depth: 55 meters, max width, 65 kilometers

Water from the Pacific Ocean comes through the Strait, works its way through the sea and comes into the Arctic Ocean, and come over something called the Chukchi Shelf, which is actually just the sea floor.

There are three main channels of water coming into the Arctic, they are: Barrow Canyon (in the east), Herald Canyon (in the west), and the Hanna Trough, which is a broader outflow. Estimates of the amount of water are about 106 m3/s and ice at 105 m3/s.

Water from the Arctic Ocean comes through a series of something called up-shelf transfers through various canyons, like Barrow Canyon, for example. (Yes, water can come both ways in in the same place at different depths . . . )

It is assumed by the author that this sea has more water coming in from the Pacific than coming out (at least via the Chukchi Sea).

Little fact: salinity of the sea can be up to 2 per mille.

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