Latin, means : I wrestle and rise above. This is the Motto of the Dutch province Zeeland. It can be found on the insignia of Zeeland. The insignia consist of a picture of a lion on it standing on two legs, the lion stands in water till its waist. Underneath the picture the words Luctor et emergo are written.

The symbolic meaning of the insignia this has to do with Zeelands history with water. Most of the land was created artificially using dikes to embank a part of the sea and then use windmills to pump out the water, this creates a polder. The downside of this is that it makes the land vulnerable to high tides of the sea. Through the centuries Zeeland was in a constant battle with the sea. Even in the 20th century a great flood washed the land away causing a lot a casualties and made the Dutch government decide to build up a huge defence system called the "Deltawerken" which took decades to build and cost billions of Guilders to make.

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