I personally was curious as to where the name of this standard came from. The standard document, at the Phoenix technologies website, didn't mention the history of the name.

This allows me to push any old theory that strikes my fancy1.

You might think that over here on the East Coast, I am at a disadvantage for ferreting out little tidbits of knowledge like this.

But no, I've been to California a few times, and I know that there's a very prominent chain of restaurants serving Pseudo-Mexican food2 called El Torito.

So I can imagine a couple of guys popping in to a San Jose El Torito in late 1994 and writing the initial version of the standard down on a leftover flour tortilla. OK, so maybe they brought their notebook computers with them.

1As I am fond of saying, I never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
2Still better than East Coast "Mexican" food.

Update, January 2012: OK, my 11 1/2 year old writeup is still around and kicking! spiregrain found this old web archive of a 1996 article. And the crazy thing is, I was in that same El Torito a couple of months after the legendary event took place!