Triangulum is a constellation, located below Andromeda and above Aries. It is also known as the Triangle.

Triangulum is an ancient constellation. The Romans likened the Triangle to a scale beam. The Greeks knew Triangulum as Deltolton because it resembled the greek letter delta. It was also known to the ancient Christians as the Trinity and the Miter of Saint Peter.

          Beta Triangulum             X
                 * _                 M33
                /    - _
               /         - _
              /              - _
        Gamma Triangulum        Alpha Triangulum

   Notes: M33 is a nebula, discovered by Messier
          in 1764. The first asteroid, Ceres, was
          discovered by Piazzi on January 1, 1800
          near Triangulum.

Below Triangulum is a double star, Iota Triangulum.

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