In & Out

Director: Frank Oz

Writer: Paul Rudnick

Main cast:
Kevin Kline - Howard Brackett
Joan Cusack - Emily Montgomery
Tom Selleck - Peter Malloy
Matt Dillon - Cameron Drake
Debbie Reynolds - Berniece Brackett
Wilford Brimley - Frank Brackett

I can't say I expected much from this movie, and that might just be why I ended up being quite taken by it.

Kevin Kline, high school teacher, is at first both happy and moved when his former pupil Matt Dillon dedicates his Academy Award to his former teacher. Kline, who is watching the show with his fiancée Joan Cusack, is somewhat thrown, however, when at the same time outed by Dillon. So is the whole family, not to mention the local community. Who to believe? Kline also starts questioning himself - is he gay?

Playing with prejudice is a difficult game, but I think this movie manages to keep its balance, at least most of the time. This is largely thanks to Kevin Kline's gift for comedy - also for comedy with a heart. And the cassette course on getting in touch with your masculinity is a downright classic. Oh, and Tom Selleck in a not-very-sellecky role is not bad at all.

Hardly a movie that will change your life, but certainly one you shouldn't be afraid to spend one and a half hours of it seeing.

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