Red Bluff is the name of a surfing spot, approximately 50km north of Canarvon. It's name comes from the large, red cliff that extends about 200m out to sea.

The wave is a powerful left hander, that works on anything bigger than a 2m swell. In winter, it is surfable up to 12ft. Beware of sharp reef and sea urchins, booties may be required.

To get to Red Bluff, travel 20km North of Carnarvon to the blowholes turnoff. Continue down this road until a T intersection is reached with a sign saying"King Waves Kill". Turn right.

This is where it gets tricky.

There will be a left turn about 15-20km North from the "King Waves Kill" sign, this takes you to Red Bluff. The turnoff may be signposted, depending on who was there last: either the shire council who replace the sign, or the locals who pull it down for various reasons. Nonetheless, I believe the turnoff is after the 19th cattle grid (I may be wrong, it's been a while since I counted).

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