The circumstances around the creation of a song, and even how a song makes you feel1, are wonderful and useful things to know, but it's probably more important to properly attribute the song.

Do a little research2 and find out the following pieces of information:
  1. Who wrote the song, and when?
  2. Who recorded the song first, and when?
  3. What label was the record released on?
  4. Was the song first released as a single or on an album?
    • If it was released on an album, what was the album called?
    • If it was a single, what was on the flip side?
  5. If the song was a hit:
    • Which version was a hit?
    • What chart did it appear on?
    • How far up the chart did it get?
    • How long did it stay there?
You'll make me happy3 if you at least include #1, #2, and #3. The rest of the information is simply nice to know.

If the song appeared before the advent of recording technology, only #1 need appear, but if a particular recording made the song famous, the other information would be nice.

It's OK to discuss other artists' covers of a song, but please credit the author and the original artist, or make sure that information is elsewhere in the node.

Thank you.
1Just keep in mind that you don't want to make me write Every node eventually becomes a "Getting To Know You" node.
2Searching most song titles on a good search engine will yield this information pretty quickly.
3For what that's worth.