Born in 1337: Died in 1337: Events of 1337:
  • English King Edward III controls most of France, having inherited it through his mother (aunt of French King Philip VI and two of his predecessors).   Edward claims the throne of France, and Philip attacks one of the English fiefs, Guyenne.  This is the start of the Hundred Years' War.
  • Edward III raises Cornwall to a duchy, with the provision that it be the possession of the heir to the English throne.
  • Anavota Reddy throws off the suzerainty of Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq, sultan of Delhi, whose army had been wiped out by plague in 1334.
  • A large comet is observed over Europe.  Edmund Halley later shows that this comet returns every 76 years or so.
  • Parliament passes an act limiting the wearing of furs to persons of "gentle birth", defined as having an annual income of 100 pounds or more.
  • Famine kills 4,000,000 in China.
  • The Visconti Archbishop of Milan conquers Brescia.
  • The Scali bank of Florence fails, creating a financial panic.

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