Had my wisdom teeth removed today. The general anesthesia didn't work, so I had to take about 20 shots of whatever-caine to numb me. The general was an IV filled with something, but instead of making me sleep it just blurred my vision. So not only am I not asleep for the removal of four teeth, but I see blurry images of needles rushing into my mouth and pliers etc. It was not a fun morning.

Strangely, my motor skills were completely unaffected by any of the drugs. I could/can move, write, and type at normal speeds and accuracies. However, my speech is as slurred as that 47 year old drunk you see on the corner prophecising the end of the world.

Luckily, only one of the four teeth has left me with any real pain. Unfortunately, the pain killers I have been prescribed don't help it at all, they just make me kinda shaky.

The whole experience has also led me to appreciate my job a bit more. I recently aquired a job at the Discovery Channel Store in the North East Mall in Hurst, Texas. Never before have I worked with such nice caring people and realized today just how great they were. My boss called up, asked how the surgery went, how I was feeling and even offered me a few extra days off. I won't be taking them because I don't need them and I can use the money, but I really appreciated her concern. She's also the first employer to have ever told me that she "Cared more about people than fucking money" (this came after informing her of my sister's unpleasant run in between her Taurus and a semi truck which left her with 6 broken ribs).

At any rate, I'm pretty much stuck at home for a few days, so if anyone gets bored or wants someone to talk to - you know where to find me (and if not, just check my homenode).