The title of the final Star Trek: Voyager series episode. Similar to the Next Generation finale with the time traveling plot, but with the slight twist the two Janeway's coexisted in the same timeline at once (the one we know and hate/love and the senior citizen).

Plot in a nutshell - Janeway finds a way to get Voyager back to Earth faster... 20 years too late. So she procures a device that allows her to travel back in time and she informs the Voyager crew of said method of early return. Unfortunately, the younger Janeway would rather nuke the Borg instead and there's a whole big battle between the two Janeways over who is right and how it affects the crew and blah blah blah...

At any rate, in the end they both get what they want as Borg are nuked and ships are returned to proper quadrants (alpha instead of delta) in very creative ways, as is the trademark of somewhat good sci-fi.

The only downside to Endgame is that now we have to wait for the new Star Trek series which is doomed to suck.