I'm home alone. I put on an away message telling people to call me, I was tired of staring at the computer screen and waiting for somebody to come online. The phone rings... could it be, somebody cares? I soon find out that while somebody cares, it's not destined to be for me, as I find myself talking to a teenaged girl who I don't know...


"Uh...hi...is Brenda there?"

"No, but this is Brendan, you can talk to me if you want."


"What? Uh...no. I want to talk to Brenda, can I?"

"I told you, no. She can't talk right now. But talk to me?"

"....Why can't Brenda talk? She isn't really there, is she? I mean, are you telling the truth?"

"I had to kill her. She's buried in the back yard. Now talk to me, dammit. How are you?"

Laughter. What a quick one, finally figuring out it's really a wrong number. Only took a minute or two.

"I think you're lying."

"You're right. I was lying the whole time. Brenda really is here. Bye."

Why couldn't somebody interesting get the wrong number and call me? Or... why couldn't somebody have the right number and been meaning to call me? Hmmm... maybe they lost my number... better go change that away message.