We've been talking for more than an hour, and now it's time for bed.

I slip down into bed, feeling you curl against my back, my buttocks. Breath gentle on the back of my neck.

I smile.

My skin is hot, and I warn you as I slip in under the blanket.

Then "Put your arm around me, over my hip."

But you have other ideas, and I feel your thigh wrapping me, holding me close...

I wriggle backward in my bed

"I can feel you pressed against me"

Your voice is warm and furry with relaxation.

I breathe out a "Mmmmmm" and my hand lifts and reaches as I whisper "I want to stroke all down your thigh from your bum"

"You're naughty" you say, in a slightly strained tone, and the mood shatters.

I cling to the edges of dwindling desire with sleepy regret... I don't want this moment to slip away.

"I'm sorry" you say.

"I know. You're not comfortable. This just feels strange to you. It's OK"

I wriggle backward again, wanting the receding feeling of your warmth, as you tell me you have to sleep.

"Good night. I love you."

And I hang up the phone.

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