I think I'm coming down with the flu. I have a fever. I have absolutely no energy. My entire body aches. So, instead of the monkey on crack that I usually am, today I have been slow, unresponsive, and crabby. (Even though I still can't sit still.)The lack of energy is driving me crazy. This didn't hit me until this morning. Anyway, this isn't what I wanted to node about.

So, Leah and I were sitting in Leah's room when our friend Dylan, who lives on the other side of the building, came over with Shannon, this girl he's been seeing. Shannon is one of the funniest, sweetest people we know. She's *absolutely* adorable. So, we're chatting, and Dylan looks at Shannon and says, Well, should I ask her. Shannon shyly nodds. So, Dylan says Leah, can Shannon have a tampon? Leah says of course and goes to get one. She returns from the bathroom and says, All we have is super, sorry Shannon. We're out of everything else. Shannon looks at the tampon and says, It's okay. That's perfect, because I'm bleedin' like a motherfucker. And goes to take care of the problem.

After that, Dylan and Shannon hung out for awhile, but eventually disappeared. Leah and I had an Ani DiFranco dance party with her roommate. blah. I hate being sick.