First off, Creed just isn't my type of music. I think of them as a wannabe Bush. And, I think of Bush as a wannabe Nirvana. And, well, it smells like teen spirit here. Why listen to a copy of a copy when I can listen to the original.
Keep this in mind.

I was friends with Leah for two years before we decided we would make decent roommates. So, we found an apartment close to where she worked, because I have a car and we signed a lease. And, then she went crazy. And not, I'm going to drink a bottle of Jack and then gang bang the football team crazy. No. She went suicidal. She almost set our apartment on fire. (Her big plan was to die in flames. She informed me of this over dinner a few weeks earlier.) One night I got sick of her antics and went out for coffee. When I came home I found an incoherent suicide note, an empty bottle of advil and a quick check of the fridge let me know she had been drinking. So, naturally, I called an ambulance. My roommate woke up, and got really mad at me for calling 911. She began taking Advil out of her pocket. A Circus of Civil Servants later and I was left with an empty apartment and a bottle of Advil, which the paramedic gleefully infomed me, after having counted them all, numbered 52.

And, through all of this, my roommate's CD player, set on repeat, played nothing but Creed.