Il Sogno di Scipione is a one act opera by Wolfgang Mozart (K.126) with a libretto by Pietro Metastasio based on Somnium Scipionis by Cicero.

The score is almost Handelian in nature, with only solo arias and recititives.

The story of the opera is rather strange. Scipio is visited by two goddesses, The Goddess of Constancy and the Goddess of Fortune. He is told that he must choose one to become his patron for the rest of his life. The other will refuse him and will forever try to smite him.

While he ponders his situation, he is visited by two of his military ancestors who each try to help him make up his mind, but ultimately the decision lies with Scipio, and he chooses Constancy.

The weird part of this opera is that after all of this commotion, a new character comes out and sings the praises of the benefactor of the opera. In fact, in subsequent productions of the opera, the name of the benefactor is changed in the text.

Interestingly enough, the opera hadn't been staged in the United States until 2001, when it was the premiere production from the Henry Street Chamber Opera.