A racist first person shooter computer game, released by the National Alliance-owned Resistance Records. Advertised as "the most politically incorrect game ever made", the game is set in a city overrun by what the National Alliance considers subhuman races- that is, Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews. The character, who can be either a member of the Ku Klux Klan or a Nazi skinhead, has to kill as many of these "undesirables" as possible before reaching the final boss- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, armed with a rocket launcher.

This game would probably be amusingly offensive, if it weren't for the fact that the makers were serious. When killed, they Blacks make monkey sound effects, the Hispanics say that they "need to take a siesta", and the Jews go "Oy vey.", thus showing the designers' simplistic view of other cultures.

The game's soundtrack was recorded by Resistance Records hate-rock artists, which is another "selling point".

An extremely disturbing reminder of people's ignorance.