Today, I did nothing important. I read some fifty odd pages of book on US foreign affairs (one of about four I have to read within the next three weeks {I know this may not seem like a lot to you grad students, but I'm a junior in high school}). I was kinda hoping I could get a hundred. Well I got about 2-3 hours till I ought to get to sleep. Might be able to do something within that time.

I made fresh piƱa coladas today for outrageous prices. Spent about two dollar on two coconuts, about 1.5 dollars on a pineapple, and I guess about 50 cents worth of coconut cream. Made one liter, and from this we infer that my total cost is 4 bucks a liter, and I can get an artificial tasting coconut pineapple juice for about $1.50 a liter. I guess taste really is that important.

Maybe my life really is insignificant or trivial. Well if so, at least it's going well. Stuff Tastes good...I turn seventeen tomorrow (maybe that's why I'm writing this). Who knows; still doesn't seem important. So the earth went around the sun seventeen times. Seems a bit arbitrary doesn't.

Something a bit more significant is that they slowed light down to a standstill.

Maybe someday I will participate in it all.