The Laws of Inverse Cover (as seen in several action films):

The best cover is no cover at all. The worst cover is the most cover possible in any given area.

Ever noticed this? An action hero/ine can be charging down three of four battalions of enemy soldiers, all cloned from each other so as to be the PERFECT SOLDIER (da da dum), yet 97% will die due to head shots caused by crouching behind cover. The rest die due to extremely fatal arm/leg/extremity wounds. The hero/ine, meanwhile, will simply be really, really sweaty and possibly have his/her clothing ripped up in strategic areas.

As soon as our intrepid hero/ine dives behind a corner to escape another charging battalion, he/she is immediately winged by a bullet.

Obviously, if I'm going to, with 24 hours left to live, become a one man army and wipe out a mafia boss/Sith Lord/drug cartel leader/insane man bent on world domination and/or destruction, I'm gonna do it naked and in as many crate-filled warehouses I can find.

I first noted this law in the movie True Lies, with Arnold Schwarzengger and Jamie Lee Curtis. On a sidenote, one should definitely go see this movie, and not only for Jamie's pole dance. (For those who wonder, I know the movie was intended as a spoof.)

Anyway, Arnie & wife are captured and taken to a secret terrorist base. Arnie decides to break out, and he gets surrounded by a large group of terrorist-flunkies. His wife sees them, lifts the Uzi she is given, and the recoil actually makes her drop the gun.

Said gun begins to bounce down a set of stairs, still spraying ammunition everywhere.

Now, because Arnie and his wife are completely w/o cover, they are untouched by the seemingly random spray of bullets. However, every single terrorist present is dead once the smoke clears. Now, tell me if I'm wrong, but the Uzi bounces down the steps in a straight line, right?

I think I'm done now. But, don't forget this one, kids: Always assault mafia bosses/Sith Lords/drug cartel leaders/insane men naked.

If you are female, videotape it and make it a porn. There's gotta be a market for that somewhere.