I swear or affirm that:

  • I understand the effects of all recreational drugs I take, to the best of my ability. I shall research the neurochemical, psychological, physiological, spirituality effects, the legal issues surrounding the drug and its use.
  • When taking a drug I am inexperienced with, I shall begin with the lowest dose suggested to be psychoactive by the aforementioned research before progressing to higher dosages. I will measure the drug carefully, with an accurate scale.
  • If it is possible that the drug may contain harmful adulterants or in fact be a different drug altogether, I shall have the drug chemically analyzed for purity and content.
  • I will learn the overdose limits for my own body weight and adjust them for any possible synergistic effects due to diet, prescription or other drugs. I will also adjust for dangerous side effects and my own health condition. After calculating my personal limit, I will stay under 75% of this limit, to minimize risk.
  • While under the effects of a drug, I shall not take physical risks such as driving, climbing, swimming, or any other physical activity in which my actions may cause harm to myself or others.
  • When first using a drug I am inexperienced with, I shall take it in the company of an experienced user, also known as a spotter. The spotter will remain sober during this experience, and will also have fully researched the drug.
  • I shall not attempt to sway, force, trick, or otherwise coerce another person to take any drug; rather, I shall discuss previous drug experiences and research frankly and honestly, allowing all people to make their own personal decisions about drug use.
  • I shall defend the rights of others to make educated, responsible decisions about drug use. I shall not support any person or movement that attempts to remove or abridge said rights.
  • I shall not allow my drug use to overshadow or disrupt the other important aspects of my life, including social interaction, employment or even other personal pursuits.
  • I will also take responsibility for the drug use of friends and relatives, if their drug use becomes dangerous to their health or personal relationships.

I swear this with the hope of creating a society in which safe, responsible drug use is a personal decision, not a criminal offense.

As this is a work in progress, much like all of E2, I've taken one of C-Dawg's suggestions, adding the statement about chemical testing. Anonymous testing companies do exist, and if DanceSafe is any indication, they may well proliferate in the future. As for C-Dawg's statement about taking responsibility for the drug use of friends and family: we live in a society where the mistakes of one drug abuser can hurt the rights of thousands of drug users. If all responsible drug users were carefully aware of the drug use of their friends and family, and tried to step in when problems occured, we could have a much greater effect in saving lives than the entirety of the War On Some Drugs.