It's the weekend. I didn't exercise last night.

My date was cancelled. I'm not terribly annoyed, because it was due to a late rehearsal that the director wouldn't let her skip, even though she's just the props girl. So we hung out afterwards instead. Maybe tonight, after another really long rehearsal, we'll hang out in her space and watch some movies or something. I'm hoping, anyway.

We had a breakfast date this morning. It was nice, except that I only got 4 hours of sleep, since I'm sorta crashing at a friend's house and they were roleplaying until 6am. So I wasn't much for conversation. But that's ok; I just like spending time with her. She's really cute. It's hard to capture with words how cute she really is, and she doesn't believe it.

I want to examine why she's so damn cute:

  • She has the cutest nose. It's slightly upturned, like an anime nose. It's tiny, like a button. It's soo cute.
  • She's small. Small = cute. I could pick her up, easy, and I'm really not macho or anything.
  • She has a really cute voice. She's kinda shy and bashful, and it comes out in her voice. It's too bad that she never sounds completely sure of what she's saying, but it's really cute when she says it, anyway.
  • She looks cute in any clothes. She was cute as the catholic schoolgirl, and she was cute last night in overalls, and she was cute this morning in painter's clothes. She's so cute she makes her clothes soft and cuddly, no matter what they are. She could be wearing a porcupine cloak, and I'd still wanna hug her.
  • She usually doesn't make eye contact when she talks, because she's bashful. It's really sweet.
  • She's even cute when she's tired and whiny and cranky. It just makes me wanna hold her and make her feel happy and safe.
  • She keeps correcting me when I call myself a geek or a freak or a wierdo, even though I identify with those words. It just comes off as so innocent-sounding.
It's probably a good thing that she's not enough of a geek to appreciate Everything. She'd probably think I was a stalker or a freak or something. I mean, more than I'm already letting on, that is.