I was level 4. I noded the entirety of Albert Hofmann's LSD: My problem child. I spent about 6 hours doing it; converting from html, setting up the chapters to be different nodes, mucking about with some autonoding perl scripts that failed horribly, hard-linking for another two hours just to make sure the writeup was integrated...

That earned me level 4. It was a total of 13 writeups.

It got killed. I probably should have known it would have; it's potentially a copyright violation. But it's hard to be sure. It's availble all over the web, and it's out of print. I searched and searched, and couldn't get a statement anywhere that it's officially public domain. Unfortunately, Hofmann is German, doesn't speak much English, and apparently doesn't care, because a couple online book repositories are waiting for confirmation before publishing the book online. They've been waiting for confirmation for about a year now.

That's fine. It made me realize that there's a wealth of books I could autonode if I wanted to. I'm browsing Project Gutenberg, looking for good examples. What's more, there's a couple of autonoded books on here that haven't been finished. It's probably bad form or insulting or something, but I honestly don't see why I shouldn't be able to just pick up where the previous noder left off.

Fourth day of classes. I just spent $450 on books. I probably could have searched for the books online, but I did that for a few minutes and discovered that I would save about 10%, spend $2.90 more per book for shipping, and wait up to a week to get them. That headache is not worth the approximately $30 I would have saved. There's times that you just hafta accept that they've got you by the short and curlies and the best thing to do is get it over with and save yourself the trouble of fighting it. This is one of those cases.