Yesterday was our company picnic. We even managed to have nice weather. We played volleyball, had a water balloon tossing contest, and a three-legged race. My team lost our volleyball match, dropped the water balloon early on, and finished third in the three-legger. But at least I participated. It annoys me when the prima donna's don't participate on the grounds that what they are wearing is unsuitable. YOU WERE TOLD AHEAD OF TIME, WE DIDN'T SPONTANEOUSLY DECIDE TO HAVE A PICNIC! And then they sit there making fun of everyone else. Maybe I should have thrown a wild pitch in the water balloon toss...


Another fun and thrilling day at work - NOT. It is rainy and nasty outside. I have some things I have to do before my former-boss-who-is-still-in-charge-of-me-somehow returns from vacation on Monday. They should take about an hour to do, but I feel like procrastinating.

Someone came into my area earlier to assess the carpeting. I get the feeling that someone is trying to steal my space (which should accomodate at least 8 people, but only accomodates me and all the files associated with my job). I think this carpet has been here for about 15 years, and it is in surprisingly good shape. Now the walls, desk, and cubicle on the other hand...

I had to make a doctor's appointment for my husband. He has a big knot on his knee which I am concerned about. I am not one that is prone to worry, but what if this knot (for lack of a better word) "pops" and spreads vile things through his body?

Their response - "We have an opening in September, but if you talk to the doctor she might be able to arrange something sooner."

Me: "Can I talk to the doctor then?"

Them: "The doctors aren't in on Wednesdays."


Plans for tonight

Go to the grocery store, Blockbusters, and Post Office on my way home from work; make chili for dinner; gather up the garbage and hike it out to the curb (looooooooong driveway - with hills in both directions, honest); do a load of laundry; and then settle in front of the TV to watch Survivor.

Sounds exciting, huh?