Patternfall MUSH is an Amber-based MUSH, or Multi User Shared Hallucination, based on the first five books in The Chronicles of Amber by the late Roger Zelazny. It uses the second series and short stories primarily as reference points, and differences exist after the Patternfall War due to the ever-changing plots run by players. Players may choose to portray feature characters, who appeared in the author's writings, or non-features of their own creation.

Patternfall can be found through a category search on the Mudconnector website, along with other Amber-based games such as AmberMUSH, Serpent and Unicorn MUSH, Generations MUSH and Blood of Amber MUSH. AmberMUSH was the first to grace the online Role-playing community.

Patternfall MUSH, like the others, welcomes mature and imaginative players and accomodates a wide variety of character concepts, whether Amberite, Chaosian, or a person originating in any conceivable dimension (or shadow) between the 'poles' of reality. The theme of play is often Machiavellian, and conflict arbitration often requires the players to be as mature and forthright as their characters are selfish and conniving.