The Mud Connector, better known as mudconnector or (http://www.) , is an online directory of muds for mud owners to advertise their muds to mudders. It has a variety of ways to search for a mud, including codebase, genre, and gameplay options such as Enforced RP, PK Oriented, and Multiplaying allowed amongst others.

They also have inhouse mud reviews, player reviews, a message board for discussion about muds, they maintain the MUD FAQ, and they host the online Mudzine magazine.

From their media kit:

Since its inception in 1994 the MUD Connector website has grown dramatically to accomodate the needs of games enthusiasts worldwide. The website has receive numerous awards, including Cool site of the day, Creative entertainment choice, Clearinghouse seal of approval, Looksmart editor's choice award, and Netguide's gold site award. The MUD Connector is consistently included in 100Hot's games category and is reported by Alexa.Com to be one of the top 10,000 most visited websites.

The MUD Connector provides its advertisers with a tightly-targetted audience of gamers, of varying age groups and game preferences. A profile of our visitor base is available.

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