Want to conserve your Chi? Get Poison Oak on Your Penis (or other applicable areas)

ok, now you all know way too much about me

Sad but true. Since I've been living in FL the past two
and a half years, I suppose the immunity to the northern
strains of poison plants has dissolved. With my new job
of being a crew chief again (I work in the wonderful
and exciting world of land surveying, with the bonus of
being in a supervisorary position), I'm back out "in
the field".
Or in other words, in the woods and in peoples yards.
Regardless, since poison oak spreads via oils, and
also since the little man needs aiming, you can guess
how it got there. Not fun. But it does have great side
effects. For one, there is this wonderful sense of
clarity in my life now. Since the sexual urges have
gone into remission, I have all kinds of extra mental
time to devote to other endeavours. Like bonsai.
Cleaning the shower, over and over again. Alphabetizing
grocery coupons. Using grocery coupons. Demagnetizing
my tape deck. Actually listening to tapes again.

damn. Can't wait till this stuff clears up. This is..
Save me!