Well, Long Island. I'm here finially, in the apartment, cable modem a'blazin. Turned 27 yesterday...I was supposed to be in Baltimore, with my evil twin and the other, whom I've never even met. But I guess my presence wasn't wanted. The funny thing is that I really have no idea what I did to deserve this. I think it'd bother me more if I wasn't so preoccupied with being back in the Northeast. Long Island is weird, so expensive yet isolated, with lots to do. I just keep walking in circles. I find myself looking at the past 6 months, looking to see how much of my flesh was eaten (in a metaphorical sense) and I find myself empty and hungry for the other path. But I ramble. I'd say I miss Florida, but I don't. I miss the few people down there I didn't have to question myself about, that cared for me. And meant it. Ah shit, it'd good to be back online.