A small period in time when you realize that the antidepressants -- Prozac, Zoloft, or anything else -- that you're on perhaps work a little bit too well at removing anything negative. A period in time when your emotions are just completely wrong for the situation, and you know it is because of the drugs.

For example:
I am walking on a college campus after leaving an exam that I definitely bombed. I am going to the job I detest. It is dark and cloudy and approximately 20 degrees out (-8c). The Tori Amos tune that depresses me the most - Winter - comes on my Walkman.

I should be reveling in sad. It's one of those moments where you know you are alive because you feel hurt. Not because of any one of the factors, but because combined it was just a bummer.

But nope, I was almost whistling along like it was a happy tune. I felt robotic and numb. Many people have expressed feeling the same thing under the influence of meds.

That was the last day I ever took the pills

One more example:
My friend's grandmother died, and they were very close. But unfortunately for her, the medication she was on just kept her from thinking about it and crying and releasing the pain. So she was NEVER able to deal with the pain and release it.