If you’re a US noder like me, you might not have ever heard of Tintin, the boy reporter who gets into scrapes all over the world. But I guarantee that most non-US noders have heard of the creation of Belgian cartoonist Hergé, especially in French speaking countries where he’s taken on iconic status, much like that of Mickey Mouse or Superman.

So you can imagine what happened when Belgian authorities were confronted with "Tintin in Thailand", an X-rated romp in the Asian sex paradise. Tintin and his fellow cartoon characters Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus are off for one night in Bangkok and visit a bar and get lap dances. Tintin visits a gay bar called Sexy Boy and gets propositioned by male prostitutes. Even Tintin’s faithful little dog Snowy gets in on the action and is violated by another character. Is nothing sacred?

The Belgians, who take their art as seriously as the French do apparently, arrested three men in Torunai and seized 1000 copies of the bootleg comic, which was printed in Thailand. Ironically, another ring of forgers ripped off the original trio and is producing better quality copies of the comic.

Source: http://www.salon.com/sex/world/2001/02/26/tintin/index.html

8/14: I've just been told that it's available for sale as a Word or PDF download at http://www.tintin-in-thailand.com/. Enjoy!