What do I have to say to YOU? What do YOU get out of reading some random stranger's thoughts? (Get over it and start writing something interesting.) Alright. Here's me. Sitting in front of a computer, attempting to finish an essay that's about a week overdue. Aah! I'm full of all sorts of neurotic little habits that prevent me from functioning like the me of past. (Get OVER it and write something instructive - like how life is good or something.)

Life is good because I'm alive and not dead. Despite all the neuroticisms and dissatisfactions so characteristic of humankind, hey, we're alive and not dead! Here's my advice to you: (That's good. Keep on going with the glass-is-half-full bit.) make a goal. It could be anything. Meditate daily for fifteen minutes for a few months; eat less; exercise; take some time for yourself everyday, etc. Make a goal and strive to achieve it. Why? Well, this advice is more relevant to those who have world construction issues. I.e. nothing matters, everything matter, who cares, who loves me, what?, i hate this, it's all relative and despite the fact that i know this is logically flawed i haven't come across a rebutt convincing enough to rid my psyche of this malaise, well i happen to think that nietzsche was a cool guy. Anyway, WHY should you start with making a goal? Because despite a deconstructed world, you're/we're/I'm still responsive to achievement.

I have to get back to my schoolwork. I dally in the space between a rather parasitic cynicism (everything's been done, yeah, yeah, whatever, tell me about it, like the US government?, you know what big companies want, did it for nothing? i suck, i'm a loser and i'm not willing to concede that that's subpar given my circumstance, yeah, free will in this world) and fighter spirit. I know the fighter's spirit will win over one day. My journey towards wisdom begins with attacking this essay with courage!

I wish you love, peace, and a good galdarn day.