A clan of vampires in White Wolf's Vampire: The Dark Ages roleplaying game. Known as the Clan of Death, the Graverobbers concerned themselves with the secrets of death and the afterlife. Their nature as passive, secretive scholars made them ideal advisers to Cainites in power, but their macabre reputation typically made other vampires wary. They were said to have fed on corpses, to have kept contact with ghosts beyond the wall of death, and to have buried their initiates alive. These ghoulish stories were aggravated by their tendency to wear hideous masks made to look like skulls or death throes and their preference of havens, which usually ran to cemeteries and crypts.

By the Final Nights, the Cappadocians have been more or less destroyed by the Giovanni, and their name has been lost to legend.

Weakness: Cappadocians have a corpselike pallor that prevents them from masquerading as the living.

Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Mortis