In White Wolf's World of Darkness roleplaying games, Auspex is the vampiric discipline of enhanced senses and magical perception. It allows the user to enhance any of the five normal senses, perceive auras, detect the use of True Magick or Thaumaturgy, communicate telepathically and perform astral projection. There are many other Auspex powers, but these are the most common ones.

Auspex is the discipline in White Wolf Game Studio's Vampire: The Masquerade that deals chiefly with ESP type abilities. Vampires with this ability are often able to see through Obfuscate disguises that match their own ability in Auspex.

  1. Heightened Senses: This ability allows the vampire to double the range of its sight, hearing, and smell. Its senses of touch and taste, however, become much more accute. Very rarely vampires with this discipline will display precognititive abilities. The downside of using Heightened Senses is that something that jars the senses, such as a thunderclap or a bright light, could blind or deafen the vampire for quite some time.(VtM)
  2. Aura Perception: Everything in the World of Darkness has an Aura. With this ability the vampire is able to perceive these auras to gain hints about the nature and attitude of the subject in question. (VtM)
  3. The Spirit's Touch: If someone has handled an object an imprint is left upon it. A vampire with this discipline is able to sense these imprints and glean useful information from them. (VtM)
  4. Telepathy: This is fairly straightforward. A vampire with Telepathy is able to create a mind link between itself and a mortal. With great effort it is capable to connect with vampires. (VtM)
  5. Psychic Projection: This power is essentially astral projection. It allows the vampire to project its consciousness and wander throughout the world as an astral body. Of course, while it is doing this the vampire's body is defenseless so it is rare that a vampire will take a long journey in this way. (VtM)
  6. Clairvoyance: By using this ability the vampire not longer has to use Psychic Projection to be aware of distant things occurring. (GtC)
  7. Karmic Sight: A vampire with this discipline is able to probe into the subjects inner mind and find the very core of what makes him/her tick. (GtC)
  8. Psychic Assault: This discipline allows the vampire to attack its victims mind. No physical sign of the attacks will appear and even after an autopsy the only indication that the attacks ever occurred is that the victim died of a heart attack or aneurysm. (GtC)
  9. False Slumber: A vampire with this discipline can abandon its physical body and leave it in a state of Torpor while it projects astrally. Knowledge of this power has led many Malkavians to believe that Malkav still lives and is active. (GtC)

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