Celerity is a physical discipline in White Wolf Game Studio's Vampire: The Masquerade that largely increases your speed and allows you take additional actions per turn in exchange for spending a single blood point. At higher levels, however, additional powers manifest. It should be noted that once the vampire reaches level 6 in celerity it has the option of either buying another level of normal celerity (which would give a 6th action) or to purchase the optional power "Projectile." Buying one power does not mean that you have also bought the other. If you want both, you must learn and pay for them both separately.

  1. Celerity: 1 additional action. (VtM)
  2. Celerity: 2 additional actions. (VtM)
  3. Celerity: 3 additional actions. (VtM)
  4. Celerity: 4 additional actions. (VtM)
  5. Celerity: 5 additional actions. (VtM)
  6. Projectile: Any projectile thrown, fired, or launched by the Vampire also gains the supernatural speed of Celerity (GtC)
  7. Flower of Death: The vampire can use its mastery of speed to make its attacks much more effective and accurate. (GtC)
  8. Zephyr: A vampire with this power can run so fast that it can run across water, run up walls, and other similar feats. (GtC)

Ce*ler"i*ty (?), n. [L. celeritas, from celer swiftm speedy: sf. F. c'el'erit'e.]

Rapidity of motion; quickness; swiftness.

Time, with all its celerity, moves slowly to him whose whole employment is to watch its flight. Johnson.


© Webster 1913.

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