Final Fantasy X, while not the best of the series, had some strikingly good features. Among them was the intriguing storyline, in which the main character, Tidus, was wrapped up in a confusing and foreign world. Very few things connected him to his old world like the Hymn of the Fayth. His father used to sing it, and as a child Tidus picked up on the words:

I  - E  - YU - I
NO - BO - ME - NO
RE - N  - MI - NI
YO - JU - YO - GO
NA - E
As sung, the words are essentially gibberish. Yet, if you line them up as shown above, and read them vertically, top to bottom, a pattern emerges:

Pray now, for Yu Yevon who will not go away.
For the sake of prosperity,
Dream now, the Fayths of Yevon.

For those of you who have played the game, and took the time to understand the story, you will recall that the Fayths of Yevon are the beings who dreamed Tidus's Zanarkand into being. All dreams come to an end, but the Fayth will dream again - worry not, Tidus. You are home now.