Today, it begins.

Woke up about an hour ago - much later than I wanted to. But, all is most certianly not lost. I'm heading into the shower, and then dressing for a day of gathering the many supplies I will need to construct Mister Moogle. Including, perhaps, items to make a pole arm for him. After all, Moogles are fond of pole arms. So, after a couple of hours of scouring the local (ha!) shopping complicies for the materials, I will be home, hot gluing and stiching for most of the evening. Oh, yes, and paper mache-ing the headpiece. It should be an interesting time, mostly because I have never embarked on such an adventure in costume construction. We shall see.

Incidentally, I had a really disturbing dream last night, which will end up in today's Dream log. It was terrifying, and elating, all at once. Totally.

At any rate, it's time I get cleaned up, and on with the friction of the day.