In 1998, as a grand finale, Sega released four titles for its doomed system, the Sega Saturn, in a very limited (5,000 copies of each) run. Due to the fact that there were more than enough devoted Sega Saturn fans to buy up all the copies at the time of release this game is EXTREMELY rare and very difficult to locate. currently has it listed at 200 to 400 dollars US. The other three titles released in this dying breath were Burning Rangers, House of the Dead, and Shining Force III (although it should be noted that 2 other Shining Force games followed that title's Japanese release for those seeking imports). Due to the large cult following of the Panzer Dragoon series, and probably also due to the continued release of titles in the series for the XBox (Panzer Dragoon Orta), Panzer Dragoon Saga is still the most valuable out of the final four releases for this dead system.