A rather funny advertising campaign for the Sega Saturn run in Japan from 1997 to 1998. Segata Sanshiro was a Judo master, played by Hiroshi Fujioka, who went around beating people up for not playing Sega Saturn games. He was a take-off of a character in the Akira Kurosawa film "Sugata Sanshiro".

  • Segata dresses up as Santa to promote Sega's Christmas lineup.
  • Segata beats up some kids who are planning on playing baseball instead of Sonic R.
  • Segata throws an opponent, who explodes as he hits the ground. Only logical, since it's a commercial for Super Bomberman.
  • Segata trains with a giant Sega Saturn with his theme song playing in the background.
  • Segata breaks a stack of bricks with his forehead. I would think this ad to be better suited to Super Mario Brothers than Solo Crisis, but that's not a Saturn game.
  • Segata uses his foot rather than a baseball bat when up against a pitching machine, and scores a home run. He then gets bombarded with baseballs, to convince you to buy Greatest Nine '98.
  • Segata runs around in the cherry blossoms with Sakura from Sakura Taisen 2.
  • Segata throws a soccer player at the soccer ball in a match, and scores a goal. He then does a victory dance with his team. Naturally, this is for Soccer RPG.
  • Segata beats people up in a nightclub for dancing instead of playing Shining Force 3.
  • Segata performs an interpretive dance while wearing a dragon mask, for Panzer Dragoon Saga.
  • Segata rescues a pair of ladies from a fire, and has to use CPR on one of them. Advertising the game Burning Rangers.
  • For the game Winter Heat, Segata wins an Olympic speed skating contest barefoot.
  • Segata is in the House of the Dead, and his Judo flips are useless on the zombies.
  • Segata guts a fish to sell the game Deep Fear.
  • A bunch of Segata faces in a hexagonal grid, talking all at once for the RPG Wachenroder.
  • Segata switches from soccer coach to goalie for World Cup '98, and lifts the net off the field so that the ball can't go in.
  • Segata blocks a missile that was sent to destroy Sega's headquarters. He redirects the missile to space, but is blown up along with it. This is his last ad, selling his own game: Segata Sanshiro's Shinken Yu-gi.
Since the final ad, Segata has appeared in the Dreamcast game Rent-A-Hero No. 1. His death must have been faked, much like Elvis or Bigfoot. Sega has covered this up by removing his official webpage.


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