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Last night we went out to eat all you can eat sushi. Sushi is quite expensive in Israel, so it was supposed to be worth our while. The up-side: I was full from eating sushi for the first time ever (I usually have a hamburger or something before going to eat sushi). The down-side: it was just mediocre. A fried of ours was in a chain car accident. She was in the middle. She's fine, but we decided that she should get phone calls constantly for about one hour. So everyone we knew called her. I think the highlight was when I called her and told her that I'm calling from the organ transplant centre; I had heard she'd been in an accident, and wondered if she would mind donating some organs should she expire.

I started on my version of the Body for Life program. It means that every morning, except Saturday, I go to the gym first thing (before breakfast). 4 days a week weight training and 2 aerobic training. I went yesterday to loosen up my muscles, as I hadn't been in the gym for a while, and today I went to start on my aerobic workout. 20 minutes on the bicycle. I could have done a bit better.

P.S. I've just read that, and I guess it looks like I'm overweight. I'm actually not. I'm trying to GAIN weight. I'm a bit too skinny for my taste. My goal is 65 kg. I'm now 62.5.