According to the American Kennel Club Website a Basenji is a small, short haired, barkless hunting dog from Africa.

My Basenji is from Indiana. She has a small wrinkled face that is proudly carried on her graceful neck. Her demeanor is is one of poise and alertness. She is so intent she can wake you from a deep sleep just by staring at you. She does not bark. She is silent and beautiful and elegant and graceful. Her muscles are taut and she moves with the strength and grace of a racehorse when she is running.

My Basenji's name is Snickers. She is small for the breed but so incredibly fast; it fills me with joy watching her run full out, overtaking all the larger dogs at the off-leash park, her curled tail straightening out as she accelerates, flying over the grass in full gallop.

She is smart and full of mischief; she teases other bigger dogs into chasing her and then runs through an unsuspecting person's legs...then eight 100lb dogs try to follow her through the same bowling with the dogs as the ball and the people as the pins. I swear she laughs when she does this.

She is my little silent monster robot doggie. I love her.