Non Stop Ibiza Experience by Orange

So after 3 years, and their previous demo The Secret Life of Mr.Black, Orange makes a comeback in full force. Non Stop Ibiza Experience is one of the many good productions that were released at Assembly 2000.

The demo is mainly composed of 2d effects generated in software which makes it quite anachronic, now that demo groups are turning more and more towards using those damn 3d accelerators. And it manages to amaze us nevertheless, as this demo is brightly designed and good-looking thanks to the use of the 512x384 resolution and more importantly, all the effects are bilinearly interpolated.

It also features some well designed Ifs fractals morphing, and delicious particles trickery like only Orange does it.

But what makes alway an Orange demo special is how the demo integrates all the 2d art and musical elements: The graphics made by Der Piipo here are at the top, and the awesome music by Dune, a mix of hiphop and more mellow influences in an idm package is again setting brilliantly the mood of the demo. (especially with the efficient synchronization work that is displayed here)

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