A one hour drama currently running on NBC mondays at 10:00 PM in the U.S. Note: I had said it was on CBS because I watch it on tivo and got confused, thanks to artman2003 for correcting me, and sorry for any confusion I caused. According to La petite mort this is being shown in England but as always, I have no idea about television in the rest of the world. The primary character of the show is Allison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette) who was once in law school, but gave that up because of the call of her psychic powers. She is a medium. She has a rocket scientist husband and three too cute daughters.

Ok, so it sounds hokey. The acting is not so great either, which actually adds to the show. It seems more real. I think they do everything but the psychic bits in just one take, because the dream sequences and visions seem so much more polished. Again, this gives you a minor feel of a documentary.

After giving up law, she helped the district attorney solve the case she was on just before quitting and he ended up giving her a consulting job. As she proved herself and her abilities she's been given more and more work and respect.

Each episode begins with a dream sequence, from which she usually wakes up in terror and/or shock. Usually these dreams will have direct relevance to the case she gets the next day, but not always. The show makes very good use of her power, and you can never really be sure what a vision means until later.

The husband is a way-too-nice guy, who often tries to talk her down about her powers, he is a scientist after all. Lately his attempts at logic have been more along the lines of interpretation of the visions/dreams rather than denial of their reality.

Much time is spent trying to balance the life of work and raising three kids, and the couple often have fights that couples have. Throwing a kink into all that is that the oldest daughter is beginning to express abilities as well.

My opinion of the show is mostly positive. The writing is great and only getting better, the production values are appropriate to the feel, and performances are satisfactory. I find that Medium is able to stop me from figuring out what's going on at least 10 minutes longer than most shows.