Sleepy California rock band, considered slowcore, who decided to name themselves for the cheated state in question. Similar sounds include Galaxie 500, Hayden, Red House Painters, and Low to some extent. One of the many severely under-rated bands running around the underground.

Although formed originally as a full band, the members change too much and Jeff Martin has recorded the majority of the songs by himself, with some help on guitar. Dan Seta joined the band on guitar in 1996, and by then it was a functioning ensemble again. This was their most prolific period. Then, in 2000, Dan was asked to leave the band, and now Jeff is back to square one. The new guitar player, John Berry, was in the band at its inception. A strange circle.

Idaho's guitar sound is really characterized by their custom 4-string guitars. Yes, 4 strings; with many different, strange-looking tunings. And they have a lot of them. Plus, of course, a metric ton of guitar effects. Tape delays, sustain pedals, and much fun. The new one is a Morley EVO-1 oil can delay; ghostly, ethereal; the echo rises and falls.

So, the magic is a combination of compellingly odd guitar lines and vocal melodies with the salt of time.

Slow, slower. The end? Beautiful.

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