I guess you might have been too innocent
for my little experiment...
- Sperminator, 50 Hz broken

Vampire State Building is a norwegian band/project that used an unconventional symbiosis of keyboards, guitars and noise - producing a dark, melancholic industrial techno/rock hybrid.

Though the band members signed the releases with their initials only, they have been known to include:

Erik Ljunggren has moved on to Seigmen and then to Zeuromancer, while Jacobsen moved on to The Lonely Crowd, and Bergsten went to Red Harvest


50 Hz broken is by far the best "starter's" album - the songs "An Eye For A Tooth" and "A Tooth For An Eye" gives an excellent introduction to the playing style used by the band.


  • Smalltown Boy - 1995

Songs for Compilations:

VSB has been compared to bands like the Cranes and a 90's version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and is currently handled by Maxhinehead/Progress Records in Trondheim, Norway.

Information on VSB is hard to come by, and this article should not be seen as the complete and absolute truth. I will update this node as I manage to dig up information.