Hoaxers is a demo group for the legendary Commodore 64. It is based in the Norwegian city of Trondheim, but also has members from Northern Norway and Finland.

The members are Anxiety (code), BHF (code/graphics), Crite (code), Firehawk (code), Humanoid (code), Lapskaus Design (graphics), Nukid (code), Parody (graphics), Rune (swap), Scorpie (swap), Shadow (graphics/swap), Smiley (code) and Trent (code). There was also a musician called Codex, but he left for Razor 1911 on Amiga in the late eighties.

The group made several demos. Among these were 'Ready For Destruction' (1989), 'Frantic' (1989), 'Fragments' (1989), 'Conquerer' (1990), 'Breathless' (1991) and 'Frantic 2' (1991).

They also arranged a couple of very succesfull parties in Trondheim. The largest ones were the Tonstad Party and the Selsbakk Party, but the miniparties at Ila Samfunnshus were also a lot of fun. The first that comes to mind is the beer run competition in Ila park, where Marius Kintel from Panoramic Design almost got run over by a tram. A video recording actually existed of that incident, but it was lost at the 1991 Horizon party in Stockholm.