Meetings and Chinese women

Yesterday was my first day back at work after the forklift incident. It seemed like they saved all of the meetings for the whole week just for my return. First, I had a meeting with the electricians. Next, was the one with the maintenance department. After lunch, which, thankfully, went by pretty normally, I came back to a planning meeting to discuss the work orders and jobs that needed to be done next week in order to prepare for the annual shutdown.

I had figured this was the last meeting and was getting ready to go home at the end of the day when the maintenance coordinator came into the electric shop and announced that I needed to stay late to attend another meeting. This one was dealing with procurement. It was being held by a guy from corporate with a thick Spanish accent. The only things I gleamed from this meeting is that we have too much inventory.

Finally, I was able to go home. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some salsa, green tea and other groceries. After putting all the items in the cabinets and refrigerator, I wasted the majority of the rest of the day on TiVo, Everquest and Playstation 2. When it was getting close to my bedtime, I turned off all the lights, lay down on the couch and had TiVo play one of the episodes of Stargate SG-1. After I got good and sleepy and was ready to head to bed, I received the phone call that made this day mentionable.

Curious as to who would call at this time of night, I picked up the phone and was greeted by a Chinese voice. It turned out to be my girlfriend’s ex-husband. How he acquired my number and why he called at 11 pm, I have no clue and am still a little disturbed by it. He told me of how she left him suddenly; she told me they had talked about divorce for over a year. He also told me how their divorce papers went through two months after she told me they had. He related to me that she was desperately seeking a visa so as not to have to return to China. All of these things taxed heavily on my mind. This is a situation that should only occur in soap operas.

So now my thoughts are torn. Should I believe the woman whom I have grown to love, or the complete stranger / jealous husband calling to warn me that she is crazy and just using me? She has not had a good history of being forthcoming with information, she did not mention her previous marriage until after we had been dating for over a month, she did not tell me about her new job until after she had already accepted it, she never mentioned things that irked her until they built up into an explosion of anger. Now with this new information that I know I will need to confront her with, the doubts that had previously subsided have arisen again.

My mind is screaming at me to take a step back and consider the situation, but my heart is wanting to write it off. She is supposed to be coming into town for a visit next week, so I guess that will be the deciding point. I met her in the MBA program I attended and we have been dating for four months.