Salzburg, a city of Austria, capital of the duchy of Salzburg, situated on both banks of the rapid Salza, 63 miles S.E. of Munich. The principal edifices are the cathedral (1614-1628) built in imitation of St. Peter's, Rome; the archbishop's palace, imperial palace, exchange, museum, and several benevolent institutions. It was the birthplace of Mozart. The manufactures are varied, but not of importance. The Bishops of Salzburg were princes of the German empire, and held the position of sovereigns over the archbishopric till it was secularized in 1802. Pop. 27,741. The duchy or crown-land of Salzburg, area 2,767 square miles, is a rugged mountainous country, intersected by numerous valleys, but in many of them much corn and fruit are raised. Wood is abundant, and the minerals include gold, silver, lead, copper, cobalt, iron, salt, and marble.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.