Hitler directed the operations of Germany from 10 locations during the course of World War II.

1. His special train, Amerika, used during the invasions of Poland in 1939, and Yugoslavia and Greece in April on 1941. Between these two events it moved from place to place, and was parked at Goddentow-Lanz, where the Sopot Casino-Hotel was used as a temporary headquarters during September of 1940.

2. Felsennest, a bunker located near Rodert, Munstereifel, was used for the month of May, 1940.

3. Wolfsshlucht, a bunker located near Givet, Belgium, was used in June, 1940.

4. Tannenberg, named after the 1914 battlefield, was located deep in the Black Forest, and was used in July of 1940.

5. Wolfsschanze, at Rastenburg in East Prussia, was the most famous of his home bases, and was used with interruptions from 1941 to November of 1944.

6. Werwolf at Vinnitsa, Ukraine, was his forward base for the direction of the invasion of the Soviet Union. It was in operation from July through November of 1942, and again for the counterattacks in spring of 1943.

7. The Berghof, his pre-war holiday home at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, was used through the war as a vacation retreat. Even madmen need a day off.

8. Schloss Klessheim, Salzburg, was his Austrian retreat from the winter weather at Rastenburg.

9. Adlerhorst located in the Taunus Mountains of western Germany, was used during the Ardennes Offensive in the winter of 1944.

10. The Reich Chancellery in Berlin, and the bunkers beneath it, were used from the winter of 1944 until his suicide in April of 1945.

Another headquarters was constructed at Soissons, in France, but was never used.

These locations were more than just a hole in the ground with a fancy map table. Each was a complex of buildings encompassing everything needed to run a country into the ground, or across a border. Major installations of communication gear, garrison troops for defense, transport and supply facilities, were needed for every headquarters. The man might like to move around a lot, but it wasn't easy.

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